Saturday, March 13, 2010

My kids and my goal!

So I think sometimes as a photographer we (or I) forget to sit back and to just take photos!.. I've been so bad about capturing my kids just being kids.. I have been so worried about the setup and them looking at me and blah blah blah! So this year I am making it my goal to take a couple photos of both kids during the week just being kids! I need to document this time better because before I know it will be gone! I am pretty sure this is going to be a series done in B&W as I want it to have journalistic/documentary look to it :)


Madison "The Assistant"

Cole "The thinker"


  1. ughhh i so know what r u talking about, i'm the same way!!!!!!! Last time i took pics of MY KIDS was back in October... i know, SAD!!!!!!!!! I love this 2 pics, can't wait to see the rest as your project makes progress :)

  2. You are better than me though. I am the opposite! My kids are so difficult for me to take decent pics of, I tend to just take crapshots of them and take good pics of other peoples kids. I am really overdue for a good shoot of the both of them. Good luck!!

  3. Brandi: But I didn't even pull the camera out on the birthdays! Now thats bad!! LOL... They spend most of the time in the playroom that gets FAB light!.. So fingers crossed this won't turn into craptastic work hahaah